strange feeling

Hi I have ppms bt thought I post here as there’s more eye fall , when going to bed at night the bed feels uneven like it’s sloping to one side I have difficulty staying at top off slope although in he morning all is fine also at times other furniture looks like it’s not level floors as well anyone else suffer the same george

Is it vertigo? Does your world keep moving when you turn your head? Or do you feel unbalanced?

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I also have ppms and when in bed, although I have my head end and feet end both raised, when the light goes out, in no time at all I feel like I am completely flat!

Very strange feeling, not dizzy at all, just feel as though I am led completely flat.

Pam x

Fun you should say that I am raised at both ends a little bit and feel flat as well this feeling of rolling of the bed is a new thing

There are a few pavements quite near that are uneven that have been trying to get me for a while I am seeing neuroligist shortly for the first time since July 2013 so I hope he is more helpful than gp .