Strange day

Hi everyone

Well as the title says, it’s been a strange day, let me explain.

This morning I had my appointment at the optician to check if any damage is being done to my eyes from the meds I am taking for RA. Well, this took just over an hour and she then said she would be writing to GP and Rheumy as there was a marked difference with my one eye in just 6 months (b…y hell, something else to stress about). I have an appointment for 3rd January so we shall see.

Needless too say I was a tad upset so hubby and me though we would go for coffee and fish and chips…we have the BEST chippy in our town. Went round corner and heard some bag pipes sparking up, and I love listening to bagpipes, so followed the sound and sat and listened to him for quite a while, even though it was cold. He truly deserved the money we put in his tin, he was a master player of his pipes, and Mr Lone Piper you have no idea how your playing of your instrument raised my spirits, so thank you.

We had our fish and chips, and could still hear the piper, and went home feeling so more upbeat than I did earlier, so all in all, quite a strange day.

Pam x

Im so glad you had a good day even though it was cold outside,sometimes its the little things that we get the most pleasure from.Keep warm everyone the winter is well and truly coming at the weekend. Jo xx

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That was a lovely end to a strange day , it’s amazing how much we appreciate music and definitely fish and chips Michelle and Frazer xx

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So pleased the piper playing cheered you up Pam,I have wonderful memories of a piper playing at sunset on Loch Broom in Ullapool,Scotland i was only 12 at the time,but i have never forgotten,its one of my childhood memories of wonderful family holidays.

J x

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Glad there was up upwards slant to your day

Sonia x

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Hi Pam,

I’m pleased the rotten day ended well…hope you have better news in January! Music is truly good for the soul!

Chemo can apparently affect your eye sight. I’d recently had new distance specs just before I started chemo and a couple of weeks in I thought I was going to have to make another appointment with the optician but last night my glasses were suddenly fine again so it was obviously the chemo and now it’s returned to “normal”! Chemo seems to go on working long after you have finished the course!

Now all I need is my hair to grow back again…I look like a throw back from Startrek!

Hope everyone is fine,well, you know what I mean …as fine as we can expect!

I’m so enjoying watching the birds on the feeders today they are coming in their hundreds!

Nina xx

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Hi Jo

You’re right, it is the little things in life that makes all the difference.

Pam x

Hi Michelle

The lone piper will never know what a boost to my morale he made, it was lovely, and the fish and chips were fantastic.

Pam x

Hi Jackie

Like you I have fantastic memories of listening to the piper at Edinburgh castle and a lovely holiday in Scotland years ago, and perhaps the piper the other day reminded me of that, but he did give me a boost, just when I really needed it.

Hope you and your family are doing ok.

Pam x

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Thanks Sonia, sometimes it’s just a small thing to happen that manages to raise our spirits, and this was definitely one of those.

Pam x

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Hi Nina

I will see what happens in January and take it from there, but the piper was really good for my morale that day.

Hope your hair grows quick, especially this weather, a lovely warm hat is the order of the day. If you had your treatment in Cheltenham, you may have seen some of the ladies hats I knitted for their chemo unit, it was the Haematologist there that asked me to make some.

Hope your doing ok, and managing to keep warm and are not snowed in.

Pam x

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I had my chemo at Hereford hospital but when I went in to hospital I was in Cheltenham.

Some of the ladies were given hats but I wasn’t as at that point I still had hair!! How amazing that you could have knitted them!

We were snowed in yesterday and Monday but today is looking better…I do love the snow though but I suppose that’s easy for me to say as I so rarely go out!

Take Care Pam,

Nina xx

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I do agree if your not going out the snow is a lovely site especially the trees and bushes in parks.Take care anyone who is going out .We were very lucky in leeds to escape the chaos that the snow caused in other parts of the country. Jo xx

Pam, musicians who just go out and play are heroes.

Last Monday I was giving mini apple pies to homeless people in Liverpool. I also offered them a drop of sherry.

I also gave some to the buskers. One old dear on a small accordion shouted “just money”. I looked down to see less than a pound in change. It was about 2 degrees C. I empties my purse into her tin. “God bless” she shouted, grateful for the extra £4. It was a brilliant afternoon after arriving from Sussex. Then I took the Mersey ferry to my dad’s and the batteries on my chair packed up half away up the ramps into his house. Oops, that needed some creative thinking.

Yes, we get many odd days.

Steve x