Strange day, and getting stranger (not MS)

OK, I thought it was pretty weird being woken at 6:30 a.m. by a charity bag through the letterbox.

Maybe I’m a bit tired? Delusional?

But I swear to you, over-the-road have a pony grazing on the lawn! I had to rub my eyes, but no, it’s still there, and it’s definitely a pony (not a pink elephant).

This is a normal suburban street - not farmland. Remember how Brookside used to look?

It’s NOT normal for a pony to be grazing.

You been at the Sativex again Tina?


LoL! I wish!

If there was any chance of getting it round here, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Can’t blame ponies on that, though.

It was a nice pony. Not up on pony colours, but think it was piebald or skewbald, or something - nice colours.

Piebalds are black and white and skewbalds are brown or chestnut patches on white.
But NEVER pink… :wink:


Tina, Sounds like you have the gypsies moving in. We get the ‘horse-drawn’ gypsy caravans about twice a year in our village. They are welcomed here, as they are not trouble- and when they leave - not a scrap of rubbish left behind.

Pie-bald is black and white.[as in magpie]

Skewbald is brown/black/white - usually white body with brown markings - black mane and tail.

Brown and white is ‘coloured’ or pinto.

Hope who ever has put it there has left it some water.


My ex-next door neighbours kept one in the garage, worse than that they brought it in an ‘Afford’ rent a van, obviously never heard of a horse box…

Lol, I would have had to do a double take too. A pony on the neighbours lawn, next you’ll be seeing flying pigs or something, lol. Cheryl:)

Well you might have a problem there, but at least with that pony taking up residence, at least you will have fantastic roses!


Hi Tina

Well, I’ve heard it all now! Perhaps you have travellers moving in?

Take care


Well, not to sound too prejudiced, but I hope not!

No sign of the pony now, so I assume it’s more likely to be something to do with the school holidays - perhaps a little girl brought round her pony, to show friends. I didn’t see any horsebox, though, so I assume they walked/rode it round! Very unusual, in these parts. Not really a safe place to go pony-riding: can’t go very far without encountering a nasty, busy road.

Well, there’s a first time for everything. I’ve lived here over 20 years, but never seen a random pony before.



When I moved into my new bungalow after 40 years as an urbanite I opened my window and heard lambs bleating. I disgustedly said “Whoever has got sheep in their garden?” Of course the sheep were in a field - just as they should be. You seem to have the problem I thought I had. LOL


A couple of houses ago, my husband and I rented a farm cottage - my husband came home one day to find a peacock terrorising one of my cats. There were four of these birds, two “couples” - a livery yard up the road was owned by a man whose wife was Chinese and she kept peacocks because apparently, in China, they’re lucky. Lucky not to be on a plate I think. The horse owners didn’t like them because they bullied the horses. My husband and I weren’t best pleased after one of them decided that 0600 every morning was a good time to sit in a tree outside our bedroom window and squawk, and the woman in the other farm cottage was furious when one of them got into her living room and messed on the carpet!

Peacocks are beautiful to look at, esp when they do the thing with their tail, but they are big noisy bullies of birds!

Hope your pony found its way home safely and stays there!

Luisa x

I also had a neighbou who used to bring her horse up to her house and wash it on the front garden, like a car!, she also had a ferret that she used to take for walks on a lead - not the same neighbour with the horse in the garage either!

Good god Maude, where do you live?!?!?

Staffordshire, two different villages too but only about half a mile from each other (as the crow flies)lol. semi rural, just looking forward to spring now and the start of gymkhana season when the nighbour across the road will bring his trailer full of porta loos which stay parked overnight before being taken to the gymkana…We had a local ‘poacher’ who would give you rabbits or pheasants if you would cook his rabbit pie…he just used to knock doors until he found someone to agree!..

Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how you got funding for this please?, I filled in a form on the council website about 2 weeks ago but I haven’t heard anything since I’m just wondering if that was what I should be doing? Thanks in advance

simon you have tagged onto an old post from 2012. try starting a new thread (there’s a button for this a third of the way down the page).

Thanks Carole, I have literally no idea how I posted on this.

And there was me wondering what you were asking about funding for. Ponies?


hi simon

no worries.

your mind is taken up with serious concerns.

or you may be just a bit bonkers, again that’s normal in the circumstances.