Strange but true...

This is really strange. I was out on my mob scooter and had a ‘bum bag’ round my waist. In the small front pocket I had my mobile phone and 2 dead AA batteries that I intended to drop in recycling bin at supermarket.

I left the scooter outside the bank and put the scooter key in the same little pocket.

When I came out and went to retrieve the key it was boiling hot. Could hardly hold it. Was astounded. My mobile was also very hot.

Then I worked it out. Both batteries had heated up somehow. Too hot to handle!

Anyone have an explanation?

Pat x

Hi Pat, I’m guessing the batteries weren’t quite as dead as you thought, and can only assume that, shoved in your bag along with metal objects like keys, it’s made a circuit somehow, and this is how they got hot.

It would have been much stranger if the contents of your bag hadn’t included an obvious power source such as batteries. :wink:


Oh pat its like that film with tom cruise, when the battery heats up and then explodes, Knight and Day i loved that film.julsiexx

l am very remiss - and never recycle my batteries - you have just proved how important it is to put them in the right recycling bin.

As for strange happenings. l call round to an elderly neighbour - she is 92 and lives on her own. She told me that the water in her cold tap was now hot - and when she flushed the loo the water was hot - and she got a bit of a shock from the loo handle. We got an electrician out to her immediately. He tested the whole property. lt had not had anything done to the electrics in 50yrs. Apparently not much of it was earthed and

the plumbing also was not earthed. He made safe as much as he could - but obviously it does need re-wiring - but the old soul is not prepared to have it done. lts a large very old cottage - with only a few electric sockets - which all have lots of ‘banks’ of plugs in them. ln this little village we do look out for one another as there is no bus service and no shop.

Thinking about your batteries heating up - could something like that be done to warm up gloves - it gets so cold on the scooter. l did buy a pair of heated gloves - they had huge batteries in them - and they never warmed up. l might try a couple of AAA batteries and a key. You might be on to something here Pat. You could patent the idea -


Makes me think dadadadatwilight zone tune!

luv POllx

Hi Pat, I agree with what Tina says. A few years ago there was a fire at a removal company’s storage depot near where we stay. My husband works next door to this depot but for a different company. The storage depot was totally destroyed In the fire. It was concluded that someone had left batteries in something that was in storage, somehow they had formed a circuit and started the fire. Cheryl:)

Always cover one end of a battery before discarding, even if it is just a sticky label or some parcel tape.

Never ever carry unwrapped batteries in a pocket or handbag etc, if they are short circuited by a metal object, keys etc, they will get extremely hot, if next to combustible material a fire can start, of even worst, the battery can explode.

Please read and take note of the manufactures safety instructions printed on every battery pack.

I have not posted this as scare tactics, as handled correctly batteries are extremely safe.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

Goodness who would have thought it!!!

Campion… YES… maybe I could make money out of it. I also get very cold on my scooter in winter. I have to pile on so many clothes that by the time I’m ready to go out I’m too tired…

Thanks for all responses. I will certainly be more careful with batteries in future. It never occured to me that they could be ‘active’ if they weren’t in an appliance.

Pat x