Hello everyone. I was diagnosed last month, and although I expected the verdict, it was still a shock! 6 weeks later, I feel like Im on a desert island, not knowing what to expect, or where to turn for assistance/advice. The MS nurse who came was lovely, but didnt really give me practical advice. I finally managed to find out how to contact O.T.s, who were really helpful about practical stuff, but I dont quite know who to ask about the sudden descents into anxiety about the future and general despair at how fast I seem to be deteriorating. Im 63, and started with walking diffficulties last May. This has continued, and is progressively getting worse. I also get what I assume is brain fog, where I cant get my head round anything, and would probably not know my own name if asked! Sorry to sound whingey.

M’dear, just adjust to it in your own time. There probably won’t be radical changes to be made, just get used to it and you’ll soon learn how to deal with what comes.

You’re still you, the same person you were yesterday, last month, last year. It is a difficult job for an MS nurse trying to predict the unpredictable.

I think that when it was me I expected huge great instant differences to my life, the way I felt. In fact it was all gradual and it was some time, a few years, before I had to start making concessions for myself, and they were not huge issues, just the ones I felt.

I’m sad for you that you need to visit this forum, but happy for you that you are in a comfortable place with all these lovely, and very different characters.


i know how you’re feeling. i was diagnosed at the beginning of january and i too was expecting the verdict as my father has ms and my symptoms were so similar to his. i think the shock set in a few weeks later when my symptoms started to get worse not better and i then realised that “this was it” as it were. on good days i think yes, i can cope with this…on bad days i get very frustrated, angry and low. i haven’t heard a thing from an ms nurse yet even though i know i was referred 8 weeks ago. it’s just knowing who to turn to for support…

best of luck xxx

Hi,have you been told what type of MS you have?

Some folk dont think it is important, but I do, as the type can depend on what, if any, meds may help.

Dont take this the wrong way, hun, but as far as i understand it, it is older folk who get the PP vairety if MS.

This could explain the fast progression of your problems.

Im glad youve found your way to OTs. I think they are the most wonderfully helpful bods, who seem to have a knack for knowing just what will help us. i`ve had so much help from them.

It is still very early days as far as your diagnosis is concerned. Give yourself time to allow it to sink in.

Keep coming here for advice support and friendship.

luv Pollx