Straight talk

Indicating. Whilst this blog may seem a bit random for this forum, I wonder about it’s relevance to how medical professionals have talked us through our condition.

It’s quite light-hearted so take it with a pinch of salt or pepper.



Hi Ann. I also get a lot of pain in my legs. You need to know what type of pain it is, is it nerve, muscle or bone pain? They’re all treated differently. I take a combination of drugs, a few of which you mentioned. It took about two years to find the right drugs and their dosages but I still need a quick acting analgesic I can use in between my regular meds when the pain is severe. Try to write down what the pain feels like, what eases or makes it worse, how long it lasts. If you’re getting nowhere it may be worth requesting a referral to the pain clinics. The doctors there specialize in pain control, are usually anaesthetists and can do more than a GP or Neuro. Good luck. Cath