Stopping medications (LDN & Cipralex)

Hi folks - making a few changes to my daily tablet intake & would like advice… I have stopped cipralex (anti-depressants) because I felt it dulled me too much, I can cry again…I have been on LDN for 6 months at £30 per month and don’t feel any real benefit, so think i will drop it as well…I’ll stay on Copaxone but would love to be treatment free…

Hi, have you discussed coming off the cipralex with your GP? I ask because I think it might be unwise to just stop, rather than wean off some drugs, incase of adverse effects.

I was on LDN for 5 months, but came off after the original benefits ceased. Some folk say they take it in the hope it will slow down progression/disability, without actually noticing any benefits. I doubt you will come to any harm just stopping that drug.

luv Pollx

Having been on LDN for six years now, I can’t actually see any benefits but there’s no way I’d stop taking it, because I reckon I’d have got a lot worse without it.

£30 per month is a lot to pay for LDN. Have you asked your GP whether he/she would prescribe it on the NHS? Failing that, have you tried liquid LDN from Dickson’s pharmacy in Glasgow, which is considerably cheaper?

As Poll says, you should probably come off cipralex slowly. If you don’t want to speak with your GP about it, do talk to a pharmacist before starting to stop.

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I’m a bit worried about your coming off of Cipralex too. I know it dulls the feelings but I take 5ml per day and although it doesn’t stop the anxiety/depression, it keeps me level. I’m not saying it isn’t good to be drug free but please liaise with your doctor.

Good luck


Thanks for your replies folks - i have eased off the cipralex and just didn’t stop it suddenly…will see how it goes…