Stopping Beta Interferon


I am just into the fourth week of stopping beta interferon ready for the new DMT which all going well my concultant wants me to start on Tysabarie but the last few days i have not been feeling to good am absolutely shatted just want to sleep am exausted, my doc has put me on sick only tov work half days , my boss seems ok about this at the moment

Also along with the fatigue my left leg seems very sluggish and now today i have my right eye iritating

is this normal for coming of this med

Have to say, I did not have problems stoppng Rebif - if fact I felt better for stopping it.  You could be ill - ie nothing to do with stopping B-I.

I stopped Rebif about two weeks ago, it was the best thing I’ve done, I’m slowly getting my life back, i hope you feel better soon