Stopped smoking but eating far too much !!!

Hi , well I have finally done it I haven’t had a ciggy for a month. I feel very proud of myself as I have smoked for 40 years ! The only downside is I am eating too much and the weight is piling on, I really don’t want to put anymore on and need to lose some, any suggestions? Thanks. Karen x

Hi VERY VERY WELL DONE. So hard to do …keep it up…better some excess weight than all the rubbish you get with smoking. Have heard weight watchers is the only one that works in the long term and there is now an online version. Good luck ng

Hi Karen

Now you have got past the first month, you can start counting the weeks.
Get over 20 weeks and you can start counting the months - and you will find that your sense of taste has improved.
To avoid eating too much, you could try sugar-free mints.

I used to buy mine in Holland and Barrett, and now I also get sugar-free Polo in Sainsburys (a bit cheaper, but I prefer the others. One of those at the same time that you would have lit up does help remove the habit. OK, so it starts to build another one, but it is a lot easier to break the mint habit.

Just keep going and don’t light up.


Well done you, it’s a fantastic achievement. I hope you feel better for not smoking, I know I did.

I put on weight too and am trying to lose it now. I read that it’s not just eating more that puts the weight on, but your whole metabolism changes when you quit. One useful tip I used was to sip cold water when you crave cigarettes or food - I don’t know why it works but it does. And fruit. Tons of fruit.

Good luck and well done again.


Thanks Ng, will have a look at the online as I don’t think I have the time or energy to attend classes. I will just have to be stricter with myself and buy lots of healthy snacks I think. Thanks for the reply. Karen x

Thank you Geoff and Val, will try the water and the mints, I am sure it will get easier but I am determined to continue being a non smoker ( that sounds so good) Karen x

Hi Karen. Well done you for quitting.

My hubby made a huge effort to stop…a 40 a day man for years.

He did stop for 17 weeks and was able to help our daughter out with a car, with the money he would`ve spent on fags.

But he is back to smoking up to 10 a day now.

He has stopped smoking in the house tho`, which I appreciate.

Good luck with continuing the success.

luv Pollx

Thank you Poll, and I hope you feel better soon, from reading your post I think a visit from your GP is needed. Love Karen xx