Stomach pain

Can I ask if anybody else suffers from upper middle stomach pain right in centre where ribs meet ? I did have rrms but got neuro appointment this Friday as it’s progressed quickly recently (3months) I have severe mobility issues , need to catheterise , now memory problems , the pain is 24/7 and I have tried everything to calm it , any help would be appreciated , thankyou

hi gaz

could this be the hug?

i have had that a couple of times and it is hellishly painful.

i took the maximum dose of gabapentin but it still felt like my ribs were cracking.

even when the hug had gone my ribs felt bruised.

when did you get your diagnosis?

i’m asking because if you’re recently dx, you will probably reach a plateau soon.

good luck and healing best wishes

carole x

Was diagnosed 8 years ago , symptoms are centre upper abdomen though but I suffer now with bowels , bladder , right eye pain and blurring , legs and arms tingling and numbness , thankyou for your reply Carole

gary x

sorry that you still have that pain and a myriad of other symptoms.

have you been to a pain clinic?

there is an interesting thread on methadone.

sounds like it could help you but will be difficult to get it prescribed (unless you take up heroin addiction).

carole x