Still waiting/wondering...slow but some progress

Well there’s been some slow progress.

I had the MRI this week, just brain, and no contrast…but hey with all the symptoms

I’ve had the last 12 months, I figure something should still show up on that.

It’s slow and frustrating, but maybe I’m almost at the answer stage.

I’ll see my consultant in 2months, when I’ll probably get the results, he does everything

at tortoise-speed.

I vary between thinking I’m fine (especially when I recently had 7 WHOLE days where I thought

I was better, and maybe I am/was, although my left leg and foot have had the tingling back for the last week.

Then there are days when I think I probably do have MS and I get a bit scared.

But mostly trying to do everything I always did, and worry I’m making myself worse, by trying to go on as normal.

hi alice

don’t worry that you are making it worse by trying to carry on as normal.

do what you can but rest as needed.

it’s the worse time.waiting for answers but you will do it.

be strong

carole x

Thanks for the encouragement Carole.

Work has been quiet tough but I didnt want

them to think I couldnt do my job so have pushed through.

Trying to be strong,

trying to rest, but thats not so easy…

thanks :slight_smile:

hey, there`s no medals for putting on a show for others. If you feel lousy and are finding work really hard going, then take a bit of R & R.

I forced myself through that route and ended up worse off.

Limboland is no fun…I was there and still am, in a way…16 years…and counting.

Be good to yourself hunny.

luv Pollx