Still no answers

Well after being told my MRIs show no lesions so no MS I started having increased vision problems. Optician says I’m colour blind and I have tilted disc syndrome (both congenital), then tells me I have peripheral field issues(I thought so for years). 3 monthly check ups are needed. I had to miss one as my mum was seriously ill at the time, and sadly passed away in August.13 months and one day after we lost my dad. Yeah it’s been a seriously horrible two years. I’m still without any answers… is it fibromyalgia or MS? Sparks and voodoo stabbings are worse so my pregabalin has been increased ( I’m only on 50mg compared with others I know on higher doses). My whole body hurts and I’m numb at the same time!!

hi kizzybeads

how dreadful that you lost both parents in such quick succession.

try to get in touch with your optician to make another appointment.

also consider getting back in touch with your neuro.

it sounds strange when you try to explain to other people how you feel both numb and hurting all over.

not to us with ms though.

stay strong

carole x

Thank you Carole

It has been hard but I have an amazing family and we all look after each other. I’m going to call for another opticians appointment this week as well as a neuro one. It’s frustrating being in between diagnosis. Sleep is another problem for me atm but my gp has put me on a low dose of zopiclone