Still hope of not MS

Even though i have all the symptoms of ms and had lesions on my mri scan?

is there still hope of somthing else

I am answering your post not because I have any answers but I hate the idea that you have reached out and got no help. The reason you probably didn’t get any replies was because you have asked us the impossible. You are looking for hope and no one is in a position to give it - sorry.

I was given a dx and spent the next decade waiting for someone to tell me that they had made a mistake. In my heart I knew that I had MS but I just couldn’t quash that back of my mind feeling that just perhaps…

I looked at your profile and you are very young which must make it all the more difficult to deal with. What has your neuro actually said?


you need to ask your neuro,i feel for you as i think you are desperate for answers,to your question,when i was in ‘limbo’ my mind was racing away,i asked myself all the time, could it be this or that,i drove myself mad at times with it,and it was because no one knew,no one could give me any answers,once i got my ms diagnosis it was a relief in some ways

have you people you can talk to,about it?

try ringing the ms help line,they are good ,when you need someone to listen.