Hi all

Just wondering if anyone gets sore feet? Both of my feet are stiff each morning when I get first up out of bed. I find it hard to explain but this is effecting my walking slightly. I also have bladder issues ( retaining fluid) would this have anything to do with my feet problems.

Thanks in advance


Hi D

I’m a real newbie so no expert but I also have the bladder issues. Have just had tests done and been referred for Intermittent Self Catheterization. Not what anyone wants but it’ll be wonderful to have control again. I am also bothered with severe pain in my feet and lower legs. As you said that is really debilitating. I have been given pain killers that are very effective. See your doctor, they can help. If I have to walk any distance I use my crutches rather than stick which also helps.

Whether they’re related or not I don’t know but my neuro said that the lower body is most affected by MS. All I do know is that they can relieve them.

I hope this helps a bit and wish you well.

Cath x

Hi Dee, I think the feet and bladder are both MS but not connected to each other if you see what I mean.

Sore feet in the morning was one of my first symptoms years before I knew I had MS. I think it’s all part of general MS stiffness. My legs are very stiff in the morning… my walk closely resembles Frankenstein’s monster first thing… LOL…

The retaining fluid is also very MS and a hard one. Would be wise to have a word with your GP. I sit there for ages sometimes trying to fully empty my bladder and as soon as I give up of course it then decides to empty. Very annoying.

If that’s the problem, standing up after you pee and wriggling around a bit can help it to empty.

Anyway hon see GP and if it’s becoming a real problem ask to be referred to bladder nurse.

Hope this helps,

Pat x

Thank you Cath and Pat for reply. Hope you both well.