Stiffness in hand, anyone get this?

I decided to give my cooker a good scrub today. It wasn’t that dirty so it wasn’t as though I was scrubbing it too hard or for very long but ever since my hand has felt stiff and clumsy to move. It is the same hand that I’ve ben feeling tingling and shooting pains in. Is it normal for a hand to feel like this after activity or is it more evidence that there’s a problem?

Hi Anon x Yes I get this stiffness in any bit of my body I use repetitively - legs, arms, hands but particularly in my legs. I guess it’s showing you that your ‘bad’ hand is weak - I’d mention it to your doc when you see them xxjenxx

Dear Anon

I don’t necessarily get too much stiffness but I know my hand goes weak when I overdo it. So for example if I go play golf for an hour on the range I would drop a kettle of water when I came back home after because the strength has gone. It does recover eventually after a few hours.

So it’s balancing up the neccessity of the activity with the outcome on your body after I guess.

It certainly is more evidence that there is a problem. Mention it to your neruologist.