stiff legs

does anyone remember that figure from the 1960’s of a little girl collecting for the spastics society (now SCOPE)? well my legs are so stiff that i feel like her.

i managed a wry smile at the thought because i always gave her a cuddle when we were in town. aw, i was only 3 yrs old at the time.

Yes I remember her; ironic isn’t it! or not. I have recently had to go on to Baclofen for spasms and leg stiffness, I was putting it off as I have so many other drugs and supplements that I rattle.

Take care


Hi Carole,

I remember her with a caliper on her leg. Just looked it up on the internet. Little girl with blonde hair holding a teddy and a collection box. The collection girl was withdrawn in the

1980’s as it was seen as offensive. Spastic became an offencive word and the box she held said 'Please help your

local spastics’

My legs feel like that most days too but your memory made me smile,

Thanks Jen x

thanks for making me feel like not the only person who remembers her. my friend’s gran used to say galloperd instead of calipers, that always makes me smile too.

ain’t it ridiculous what is deemed offensive? Ian dury wrote spasticus autisticus to raise awareness of that disability and he got panned for it.

damn my typing. always making typos. gallopers is what i meant.

I remember her too, plus the doggie with barrel a round its neck. Imagine having them now outside shops, they wouldnt be there for long would they.

I asked for calipers a few years ago when my knee tendons were ripped to hold my knee steady - they said they no longer supply them. I felt daft as they glared wondering why someone was asking after they had stopped being used for some 40 years or so.

Leg stiffness is all part of ms Im afraid Carole. I feel like tin man from Yellow Brick Wall when mine get stiff. Have a stiff drink to go with the legs eh (:o)



Hello Everyone,

I et stiff legs, stiff ankles, stiff hips - its not nice. I do stretches every day but does not stop me stiffening up over night or if I sit in a comfy chair for too long. so I have to loosed=n up every morning.

Reckon it takes abour 1 - 1/2 hours to get going each day. I hate getting out of bed for that reason but then legs start to twitch - can’t win


Hi, I too get stiff legs, I take Baclofen now 60mg a day, also my physio got me a roll to place under my legs in bed so my legs don’t go stiff, now this works for me, take care, Jean x

Yep I remember those collection boxes too and have the same legs.

I also find a pillow under my knees helps when lying on my back…or taking up the whole sofa!!

I was suprised Bren that you couldnt get calipers as they still use them in our disability services.

I am in a relaspse now and was surprised how the leg stiffness and pain could reach heights that I thought werent possible,Ive joined the baclofen with some Gabapentin which works on the new arm stiffness etc.However it hasnt touched the longstanding but now worse legs.

Hope your feeling better.


My contribution is magnesium sorted my stiff legs out. Perhaps not effective for very stiff legs though. Hugs Min xx