I’m a bit behind on my emails. Only just seen this from the MS Trust. Clearly more research is needed. The dosage is intermittent, but very high.

l notice they are giving the people on this trial high doses of Vit D3 - and calcium. As steroids cause so much damage to bones.

Makes me wonder if the people on the trial - and it was a small group - benefits shown might have been the vitd3.

28yrs ago - my gp put me on a course of steroid injections. Never again - apart from blowing up and looking like a Michelin Man - l felt so bad after finishing the course. And l don’t think l ever got back to how l was before.

l have seen and felt an improvement after taking Turmeric - Clarkey. And my dog - who has arthritis - is full of beans at the moment. Dashing about on all four legs now. We were planning for her to have a hip replacement - but she seems OK at the moment.

That’s great news. I am giving mine half a capsule on their food once a day - they are German shepherds, thought should give them modest dose - the breed also have sensitive tummies. It’s too early to see any change yet. What size dog & dose are you giving yours?

I’m still recovering from the Baclofen saga, so can’t say if I’ve had any benefit yet. I too had very high dose of steroids for something else. My face blew up so much, a smile hurt. Still on them at a much lower dose, calcium & d3 considered a matter of course. After first dx, I was given high dose for a couple of days. It was great until it wore off. I recall it was part of the evaluation as to whether I was pp, or rr. I think if it’s only a very short blast & I was offered, I would give it a go again.

A large dog can have the same amount as a human - which is 2 teaspoons. l give mine 1 tspoon in the morning feed and another with their evening feed. l have two Rotties and a Romanian sheepdog. They weigh - 35kg Rotties and 25kg the sheepdog. l bought the turmeric powder from Just lngredients - l started off just sprinkling a little - until they got used to the strange taste. But they all enjoy curry - so used to spicey food.

My Avatar is a photo of Reg the Rott and little Bliss when they were youngsters. ln fact it was the day that Bliss arrived from Romania. As you can see - they got on so well from the start. All rescues. Reg was starved and beaten - lived in a shed with no windows. One of these puppy farm places. The Rottweiler Rescue did a good job at rehabilitating him. And had started training him to be a PAT dog. He opens all the doors!! Pulls washing out of the machine. And can pull off my gloves and socks - usually when l am putting them on. He loves everyone -and everyone loves him. Gets lots of cuddles off people when we are out.

Great, I’ll ramp it up gradually. Mine are 38 & 44kg. I have found tumeric capsules without food give me terrible heartburn. Cinnamon just arrived, so all going spicy. My next batch of special cakes are going to be Apple & cinnamon. Mmmm

i must do an avatar with my two. Not rescues, I tried, but didn’t meet the criteria, as I worked very full time. Next ones will be. Having said that, I can’t fault them at all. I have to lock my doors, as mine will open any door. One in training to pick things up for me. Trouble is, she expects me to throw whatever it is after putting it in my hand. They definitely keep me active & a great comfort when the MS gets to me. It’s as if they know.