Steroids yes or no?

Hi, it’s been …as is usuall… 6 weeks since last bout of symptoms, but this time new g.p, that LISTENED and made sense… I know, what’s the chances hey, so I’ve had all the usuall meds…but this time he asked why I’d never been given a high but short dose of steroids… So I thought hell why not, and wow what a relief from the pins and needles after just three days, with no side affects. Was just wondering if anyone else has had similar results… Oh and new g.p fast tracked new neuro app, and neuro surgeon too… I feel blessed to of found this guy!,

Hi I have been on steroids for over three years now of varying doses. High dose short term have been ok as long as they are short term and taper down. They do bring numerous side effects physically and mentally if longer term so please don’t rely on them. Hopefully they will get you over a bad spell and put you back on track. Glad to hear you have a GP who is listening, supporting and helping. I am also just on an increased high dose to help me over an inflammation flare up and I am keen to reduce again as soon as I can. When I had high dose last year because I went blind, I put on over 4stone in weight which brought with it a whole host of new symptoms to my ever growing list. It becomes hard to tell the condition from the medication side effects. Keep an air of caution, on high dose I mentally can do anything and my mind never relaxes

Thanks for the words of caution, I had noticed my mind is racing and feel quite uphoric, maybe not as much of a miracle as I first imagined, and legs are like jelly constantly, usefull maybe just in short spats when absolutely nessecary. Thanks again.

My consultant tells me 5mg a day is a safe regular dose. My usual dose is 7.5mg,this i find i remain quite consistent on and my weight starts to stabilise and health effects caused by higher doses settle. I have just increased to 40mg and i am keen to taper back down,i am due an eye any heart scan first to check inflammation and then hopefully over a few weeks back to my 7.5mg. Your mind racing,highs,euphoria will be the steroid and can make you feel great,but yes it is short and can be smattered with low lows. Just make sure family/carers know to help spot any signs of you moving too far either way because you can be totally unaware. I’ve had bursts of absolute anger and upset over trivial behave out of character even in my likes and dislikes. Glad i could help and i hope the steroids are the short term fix that you need.they can work wonders when managed correctly

It’s worth bearing in mind that steroids have not been shown to have any effect on how fully you recover - only how quickly (and that’s not even always).

In other words, if you decide to grit your teeth and do without, you won’t suffer any worse long-term damage, and it will have no effect at all on the overall course of your disease.

Steroids do have side-effects, and not all short-term ones. Repeated use can increase the risk of osteoporosis (brittle bones), among other things. As many people with MS are also low in Vitamin D, which could also contribute to weak bones, it’s something to take into account.

I’m not saying this would happen from just one short course, but it’s worth thinking about whether they’re always the way to go - especially if symptoms are tolerable.

Personally, so far, I’ve managed to avoid them. I know I’d draw the line if I couldn’t walk or see (thankfully not happened yet), so I’m not an outright refuser. But for milder episodes, I prefer to let nature take its course. I already have brittle bones in the family: Mum, and her mother before her. So as I may already have some genetic risk, I’m not keen to take anything that might add to it.


Hi Tina. I agree they are best avoided if your condition permits.sadly when I dont have them or my dose lowers too low for an extended period the blindness returns. it a nasty cycle id rather not be in for sure.