steroids and weeing

Is a side effect of steroids alot of weeing doing loads!!!

thats intresting i cant drink tea or coffe because it makes me wee too much. I find pesonaly when im having steroid therapy i spend a lot of time going to the toilet and had always blamed it on the roids Just out of intrest has any one else noticed the bitter tayste you get on the back of your tounge when your havin the steroids?

Yes that taste is digusting

I had steroids a few months ago and yes I’d have a long pee, I just look on the steroids helping to hold on and have a good one instead of little pees, someone asked about the horrible taste at back of tongue, I thought it tasted like I was sucking on a copper coin, I kept sucking on mints to counteract the metal taste

The steroids do make you pee more - I even noticed it with my dog when he was put on the same steroid for something! The taste is disgusting and I find that it tastes my food for about a week after the 3 day course, but it does eventually wear off, as has been said, strong mints are the answer there. Hope they’re helping you Luisa

Yes I found that I was peeing a lot more, and had to get up in the middle of the night - three weeks on and it’s still happening :? I also had that awful taste, it was disgusting and the kids told me my breath was smelly :frowning: That seems to have gone now thankfully. I also developed a rash of spots on my face, quite disappointing as I thought my skin was looking quite good up to that point, but with regular use of a facial wash they only lasted about a fortnight. I still have some spots on my stomach though. Although the main symptoms that I was taking the steroids for have improved, other symptoms have reappeared or got worse. Has this happened to anyone else?

Hi I’m new to this but would like any info/ help available. I initially had a diagnosis of a disc pushing into my chord , to keep it short I eventually ended with a brain scan, showing lesions, also had lesions in my chord. I am in my mid fifties so a bit late to this, hence MS diagnosis. It initially took a long wait to see a neurologist, I was just going to be moinitered , called back for a lumber puncture, I have to say the only discomfort I felt was the local prior to the procedure, It was decided that I would have a 3 day course of methyl ( you know the stuff) by Iv , taste in mouth not awful but noticeable, peeed a bit, I was not sure what to expect from these legs seemed less tense after day and walking improved. I had these steroids on monday Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, On Friday I felt spaced out tied, diarrhoea and no energy ; what should I expect from them, is this normal and how long to work, to date I can’t say I’ve improved