steroid treatment

I don’t know how medrone compare to prednisolone which I had, but it seems like a pretty impressive dose. No wonder you felt so bad when you stopped! I’m baffled as to them not being kind to you and letting you down slowly on a reducing dose. Must be a different procedure with me drone. K x

Kev I didn’t get a rationale but my Neuro definitely stated it was supposed to be 500mg for 5 days then stop. Apparently that’s the NICE guidelines. I know for people with chest problems it’s a much lower dose and they’re weaned off slowly. I can imagine you’d be fatigued afterwards because while you’re on our you feel like you can conquer the world.

Cath xx

I’m on steroid now, was put on 15day course 200mg/100mg/100mg alternate days, good during 1st five days, then as reduced started feeling no mobility again, went back to nuro, Wednesday and as its my daughters wedding Friday they have put me on 300mg to try to get me so can walk her down aisle, I had steroid via. Iv couple years ago, 3days 1gram a day huge dose the nurse said, I was flying, lasted about a month then slowly went back, can course stomach ulsers, etc so they won’t keep you on it for long,

Good luck for the wedding, let us know how you get on with the steroids.

Cath xx

Just to let you all know, I managed to walk her down the aisle with only one stick, (very happy) she looked beautiful, and the day was great, I’m sure the steroids helped, but my legs were not good until it was time, so mabe mental determination played a big part???

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Squiffy I am so pleased for you and your daughter, perhaps mind over matter did play its part.

Time to rest as much as you can now.

Pam x

Yes Pam. Feeling it a bit today, but was trying to twist with my crutches, friends say I need to stay half pissed all the time if it makes me move like that. Lol. (Feet up now)

So pleased you managed to walk your daughter down the aisle Squiffy. I remember the day my son got married…I was dreading it…large numbers of peolple tend to panic and overwhelm me! Not only did I feel quite good my walking was good and I was able to talk to people and mingle just like a real mother of the groom should! Where it came from I will never know but I was so thankful! My goodness though I paid for it afterwards…I was in bed for about two weeks. I really hope that doesnt happen to you! Plenty of rest for the next few days Dr Nina’s orders! Nina x

Squiffy I’m really pleased for you managing to walk your daughter down the aisle. I’m certain she’ll appreciate your efforts so much. I was so proud of my dad walking me down the aisle, so I’m sure she’ll be even more so. Glad you had a good time, you’ve definitely earned your day off today, and I do believe we’re all capable of managing things (in moderation of course, and realistic goals) if we set our minds to it. Take care

Cath xx

Thank you every one, the infusions were disastrous shall not be going down that road again, does anyone have experience of Azatioprina

I was given methylprednisolone in September they kept me awake for a day I was so tired and couldn’t sleep then I got bad diarrhoea twice was horrible, but I don’t feel like they did anything how long for them to work? Don’t think they have worked at all.

I was given 3 days of methylprednisilone I’ve treatment in June. The first day I to was awake all night. The second day I was like the Duracell bunney, I could not stay in bed for more than 5 minutes. The third day I was back down to earth and ok. Overall the treatment did nothing for my ppms.