Steroid question

How many of you did or didn’t have their urine tested for infection prior to starting a 5 day course of methlyprednisolone?

My neurologist said in a letter to my GP that this should be done but he didn’t do it.

After I finished the course I went downhill very quickly and ended up in hospital for a fortnight with a very nasty uti and although I have recovered from it I still can’t walk (which I could before albeit not very far)

I’m trying to work out if I have a case for pursuing a medical negligence case or if it was a case of just bad luck.


You should always test urine before starting a course of steroids. In fact I don’t think my medical centre know this as I’ve frequently been given prescriptions for steroids without them suggesting dipping my wee first.

It’s something that an MS nurse would always recommend, but doctors are less aware of. I don’t know why.

Personally I always (have for years) dip my own urine before starting steroids.

I don’t know how far you’d get with negligence in this regard. Many doctors would assume that a UTI will always come with symptoms, such as increased need to go, urgency, incontinence, pain, or other symptoms.

Did the neurologist also tell you to have your urine dipped before starting the Methyprednisolone? If so, you’d probably fail in any negligence suit.

You may have to chalk this one up to bad luck and remember yourself to have your wee tested before steroids. Or learn to test your own of course.


This is what I posted some while ago about how to self test for UTIs.