steroid query


Could anyone tell me how long oral steriods take to kick in Im on a 5 day course of 100mg currently on day 2?

Thanks Emma x

Hello Emma,

Very quickly is the simple answer. 100mg per day is a very high dose, have you been told you will have to come off them slowly. I am on 7 and half mg a day as a maintenance dose. I do hope the doc' has told you how to reduce them if not I'd strongly advise you to find out.

Hope you feel better soon and this helps.



I was last on these steroids 18 months ago.I had to take 5 100mg tablets each day for 5 days. They started working on the relapse a few days after I had finished the course. I remember I got very little sleep whilst on them-I just didn't feel tired.

Hope you soon feel the benefits.


Hi Emma

I don't think my steroids are the same as yours as I have an 8 day course (Dexamethasone) slowly reducing. But the result is the same. Sometimes they act very quickly on the relapse, sometimes they don't seem to start working till after I've finished the course. It varies. But they stay in your system for about three months so don't give up hope, stick with it.

Hope you feel better soon



Hi Janet


No just gave me a 5 day course and thats it go back in two weeks to see him.......presented with foot drop over 3 months ago initially  they thought it was my back but not so simple refered to neuro as reflexes were off!......brain mris which show dymelyiation in area which in conclusive with working my foot and 2 other areas (dont know what they worked tho!) had lp couldnt get any fluid horrendous experience!!!!!!.....neurologist secretary said hes not goin to put me through that again, unless further down the road they decide on it so dont know what  what to expect when I go back wether I'll get any diagnoses or not......Limbo is rubbish you just need to know and try to get some normality back......also have hot feeling running down my opposite leg especially when I put my head forward weird!! or not I dont know how this goes.






Thanks for your responses that thing about sleeping is weird I cant sleep either Im usually comotosed by 10 on the couch saw 3am last night mmmmm!!!!!!


I’ve had many courses of steroids and I find the way to deal with that is not to try and go to bed till about 2am, then I get a block of sleep till about 6am. That works better for me than going to bed normal time and keep waking up/dozing/restless all night.

Look forward to that first good night’s sleep when it’s all over - bliss!

Only had one lot of steroids on day of diagnosis for highly active rrms... 500mg Methylprednisolone (5x100mg tablets) a day for 5 days...  was feeling some minor improvements by day 5... then improvement continued over the next 2 weeks....


...unfortunately then I had a baby and relapsed again almost instantly lol