staying logged in

Hi All

I log in to the site and in a trice I am logged out again! I know I’m not very fast on computers but does anyone know why this happens to me? I just keep getting the message ‘welcome guest’. My son thinks it is because of me being too inactive but I can’t go any faster!!


nope it cant be because you arent fast enough because i’m the slowest of the slow.

maybe you’ll get a reply from someone who knows their stuff

carole x

If you do the back arrow it will log you out…if it was the last function that you did.

If it’s not that then I wonder if you have a securtiy setting to automatically log you out of sites after so many minutes?

If you do this would probably happen when you were doing internet banking etc…?

(By the way - don’t you just love kids, eh?)

love Gill

Thanks for the help. I’ll try to remember the back arrow although I don’t think I do that? I’ll see what happens.