Does anybody have a link to a good source of PPMS progression statistics or references to related medical papers. The only thing in the public domain I can find on progression statistics is the one liner “One such study published by Canadian researchers found that although 25% of their study group needed assistance to walk seven and a half years after their symptoms began, 25% were still able to walk unaided after living for 25 years with the condition.” which is from the MStrust “PPMS exposed” document.

Im keen to review any other statistical studies on progression.



I find the Barts & London blog to be a good source of information.

Hi DrT

Not sure myself, and I have been browsing aroung PubMed and others. Will let you know if I find anything, but please do post any key stats if you come across them as I’d be very interested to find out more. (Unsurprisingly, most stats I’ve come across from reputable sources refer to RRMS, quelle surprise!)

Can’t say I’ve found much medical research on PPMS.

I think more research is funded for RRMS because it reacts to DMD’s & it’s generally a younger age group affected. I may be wrong but I think that funders are more interested when it’s younger people.

Ageism is rife in our society so I’m sure it also affects decisions around funding research.

Pat x

Thanks for that link whammel.

I have a refferral to the Anne Rowling Clinic next week so hopefully they can point me at some other statistical studies.