Starting Sativex

So after being taken off Tizanadine due to raised ALT’s my spasticity consultant has agreed that I can trial Sativex.

I’ve tried Baclofen in the past without any positive improvements.

Apparently its a 6-8 week monitored trial that must show improvements before being offered a further trial, and then if improvements have continued the consultant will authorise my GP to continue with prescriptions.

The initial prescriptions can only come from this consultant.

She also said that I must still have monthly blood tests carried out whilst trialling Sativex, but didn’t say what these test would be looking for ?

With the Tizanadine it was liver function, but with Sativex I’m not sure.

My ALT level at the moment is 70, it had reached 388 on the Tizanadine, so it still needs to drop into the “normal” range of between 29-41 before I can start the Sativex, but at least it’s dropping back in the right direction, albeit slowly.

I also have to keep a diary, starting from now, before going onto the Sativex and all the way through the trial, so that comparisons of my MS symptoms can be made.

The impression I got was that significant improvement needs to be seen otherwise a permanent prescription wont be authorised.

“The impression I got was that significant improvement needs to be seen otherwise a permanent prescription wont be authorised.” - You’ve hit the hit nail on the head, I think. I’d imagine that they’re monitoring you to keep a check that your liver is still working normally, after the Tizanadine. Sativex is predominantly made from Cannabis and that’s made up of cannabinoids - a mother’s breast milk has endo-cannabinoids in it. What I’m trying to say is that the Sativex is far more natural and I don’t think a monthly blood-test is required if you are using it. Good luck.

Yeah I found it a bit odd that the consultant said I would still require monthly blood tests. I should of asked but carried away with the idea of being allowed the Sativex !

So I started the Sativex today, half hour ago to be exact, just one squirt of the spray as per instructions. The plan is to build up slowly until you feel a benefit or that side effects are kicking in ! If I’m honest I dont really know what to expect in regards to how the Sativex will effect me as I’m not very tolerant with medication. The instructions say eating or not eating around the time of taking the Sativex can greatly alter how the drug works, so its advised to take it the same way each time. It’s now 3/4 of an hour since taking it and I feel as I did before taking it ! I think I was expecting a sudden woosh of “happiness” LOL

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So its been over a month now since starting the Sativex and I can honestly say it’s doesnt seem to be touching my MS symptoms.

It definitely does give a hung over sort of feeling though.

I tried upping the dose as per guide but I just found that I was feeling groggy and had a really heavy feeling, in fact some days my legs felt like they were pinned to the ground., so I reduced the sprays back down.

On one occasion I had to be sent home from work because I was getting really bad dizzy spells, to the point were I couldnt stand never mind drive.

I’m not yet due for my follow up with the consultant but I dont think I’ll be carrying on with the Sativex as the side effects at the moment are out weighing the benefits.

I had high (excuse the pun) hopes for Sativex but unfortunately it just dont seem to work for me, unless I’m doing something wrong with the doses ?

I’ve still got 2 bottles left in the fridge but cant see me bothering to try them !

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Thanks for the update.

I suppose like all medicines some work for one person but not the other. I, like you, have gave Sativex a go but unfortunately, not a lot happened.

Still you need to be given an opportunity to try things other wise you don’t know if it will work for you or not.

I had to go private to get it as my Neuro said “I can’t prescribe it and I won’t prescribe it.”

Never mind. At least you tried.

Take care,