Starting Gilenya in 11 days

Do people know my medication story? I’ve been on Tysabri for four years and four months. I’ve gone downhill pretty steadily over that time but have been nervous about moving to Gilenya - less powerful and lots of side effects, some of them very common. I should have changed a couple of years ago but I didn’t. We all make mistakes.

Just before Christmas, I was told my PML risk had gone right up. I had one more dose of Tysabri (because I was scared of rebound relapses, if I had too long between Tysabri and the first dose of Gilenya). I’m starting Gilenya in 11 days. Still nervous about side effects and more physical deterioration once I get on it. Still hoping to go on Cladribine in the end, but I now know I have to have 6 months on Gilenya before I can try that.

Still hoping to get to a better physical state, rather than a worse one. But I’m sorting out getting a lift put into my house. Hope for the best, plan for the worst…

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