starting copaxone at 12 today

Really scared, not of needles, pain, lumps etc but an ipi reaction, ive read of people having anaphylactic shocks etc. Should I take a antihistamine nw …also should I take 1 out of the fridge now. Thanks from a very scared person xx

hi zoe

i haven’t heard of anyone having anaphylactic shock but it probably does happen to a rare few.

take your needle out of the fridge they last a few weeks at room temperature so in cold weather i keep a boxful out.

don’t be scared of the injections, ms is something to fear but the injections are you giving ms a kick!

good luck, you’ll be fine honestly

carole xx

Tnk you ill take 1 out now xxx

Good luck Zoe x

You’ll be fine, its a doddle once you get used to it. I actually felt good taking my first injection as I felt like I was taking control over my illness. If you feel so inclined think about injecting manually instead of using the auto inject. Less site reactions that way and I also found the auto injector very clunky. I found the best thing was to take weeks worth of injections out the fridge on a Sunday evening, ready for the week ahead, that way you make sure they are all at room temperature before you inject. Yes it does sting a bit afterwards but I never found it bad enough to have to use the ice pack or anything, but you might be different. Let us know how you get on and best of luck.

Lisa x

Hiya Zoe

I’ve never had the fast heartbeat reaction and I’ve been on it a few years now, so try not to worry. When I started I had bad site reactions so took a 1-a-day antihistamine for a couple of months, till my body got used to it and the reactions settled down.

I keep my injections in the fridge and just get them out and either hold it in my hand or stick it down my bra for 10 mins to warm up to body temp.

Good luck



I am fine with mine. I got more worried at the thought of possible injections to free a frozen shoulder. Asked why I replied I am in control of the Copaxone (where on body and location, and when). The frozen shoulder ones would have been someone else’s decision!

Hi Zoe, Try not to worry about the IPL, if you stress yourself out about it when you do your jab then that’s not good for you, it’s best to do the injection when you’re calm and rested, have a cup of tea etc. The IPL’s are scary particularly the first one but if you do experience one and you will certainly know about it, the most important thing is to keep calm and don’t panic, close your eyes, sit back and try to breathe evenly. If you do have one it is important to let the Copaxone nurse and your ms nurse know about it. They will ask you about it and if it has left any significant after effects. I was unlucky enough to have 3 in fairly close succession BUT I think I was definitely in the minority. I think if you could speak to every one here who is on Copaxone, most will say that they have never experienced an IPL and they have been taking it for ages. If it wasn’t for my IPL’s I would have definitely stayed on Copaxone as I found it a lot easier to deal with than Rebif. Good luck with it, I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine. xx

Actually, I haven’t got a clue why I’m calling an IPIR an IPL… silly ms brain of mine !!! Sounds like an Invisible panty line doesn’t it !!!

Thanks everyone she didn’t come till 2 o’clock. All fine but huge red swelling any tips xx

Hiya Zoe

Glad it went o.k. My tip for the swelling is just to massage it with a nice body lotion tomorrow. You should massage or rub the injection site for 24 hours after injecting but after that is fine. I’ve tried all sorts of potions (like bio oil and arnica cream) but find my normal body lotion just as good as anything else.

Keep massaging every day until you inject the area again. It also helps once the lump has gone as having lovely soft skin makes it much easier to inject in the first place

It may take a few months for the site reactions to calm down but stick with it cos they do get better over time.