started the PIP ball rolling

Made the initial phone call today, Have the benefits & work booklet to hand at the ready. Thought i would get the PIP ball rolling before I started on the ESA road so that I can get my head around one lot of forms at a time. Especially as it advises to read about one question at a time, not the whole form in the B&W website-2 lots of forms might blow my head.

Good luck with the form filling…yes, they are horrid beasts!

luv Pollx

Go to your local CAB to get help to fill out the forms it’s a long process…good luck x

im keeping a journal so that I can relate easier to bad days-today is a bad day, im really good at wiping the slate clean when im feeling better and the bad days fade out, suppose its the same as child birth, they say you never remember how painful it is or you wouldnt have any more kids.

So today.

Got up, dressed on the bed as I couldnt stand.

used the walls as props to get to the bathroom.

brushed my teeth sat on the (closed) toilet.

used the wall and banister to keep me up going down the stairs.

My darling kids have-

brought the washing down,loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, fed and walked the dogs, tidied the kitchen, made breakfast/lunch and cups of tea and will walk the dogs later, frozen chips and ham for tea, and hubby will take daughter to club tonight. bit fed up now ive realised all ive done is get up-oh and im still in my PJ bottoms because i didnt have the energy to look through the wardrobe for my trousers.

Take you time bc and answer the questions as fully as possible. Remember to keep copies…I think I mentioned that on the other link.

Good luck xxx

Iv just started the ball rolling. My nurse said she would help me if i needed it so it might be worth contacting your nurse for a helping hand xx