Starring in the cabaret


I’m not surprised that sometimes I just want to stay in. It’s not a train thing but it’s a bus thing. Whenever i get onto a bus, skillfully gliding into my allotted position, I can feel they eyes of the lower deck staring at me.

I’m fed up of saying:

“Well that was today’s cabaret!”

I just want to stare back and say something sarcastic:

“Oh is it my hair? Are my flies undone? Is life so dull I look interesting? Before you ask, I don’t do autographs.”


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I hate bus travel…not done much of it, but why oh why, do we have to sit facing everyone else…like a side show!


Totally agree about bus travel, but as well as being stared at, I cannot travel backwards makes me feel ill, so a no go for me.

Pam x