stand on a chair


I had a strange dream last night.

I was in hospital and was a wheelie as I am now.

I was told by 2 nurses to stand on a chair. I told them I cant. They insisted.

So I climbed onto the chair. Then they said Stand! I said I cant!`

They repeated their order. I complied. They then pushed me and the chair from department to department in the hospital. I complained my back was hurting. They insisted I stay upright and would be able to walk after the treatment!

I woke up,with a pain in my back and no, I still can`t chuffin walk!



omg thank goodness it was a dream.

i thought for a minute that they’d come up with a new way to check up on us.

carole x

What sort of cheese was that?


Horrible cheap Christmas chocolate pennies!

Serves me right to break my diet for summat not worth the extra calories!


Aha Poll, you been drinking that toffee flavoured gin again…

I won’t. Strange post.