Hello. This is my first visit to the Forum. I had a very rare night out after work and felt v embarrassed when I started stammering a lot during a conversation in the car with a work colleague who was kind enough to give me a lift home. I realised this was fatigue related. It is so difficult to manage these situations. Anyone have any advice / similar experiences?

blame it on the boogie!

say that you are tired after being giddy on an evening out.

maybe warn people that you stammer when tired.

fortunately people where i live have known me for many years and know how unpredictable i can be.

in the old days this was “grab a bag and let’s go to …(insert festival of your choice)”.

so now that my unpredictability takes the form of sometimes being speechless, it doesn’t faze them.

Sometimes I just can’t find the words or even finish a sentence due to fatigue and brain fog. This happened today in the bank when I was opening a new account. I felt really stupid in front of a complete stranger who I had already asked for a seat cos my legs were so weak. I had actually mentioned that MS was causing my legs to be weak but I could see it meant nothing to her. Having MS can be so frustrating. I am learning not to get bothered by the impression I might give people!