St Pauls

Haven’t the tent people outside St Pauls done well? They now have some very prominent people like Bill Gates and the Archbishop of Canterbury saying the ‘Robin Hood Tax’ is the way out of the financial mess.

Being I am a socialist I think we should go one step further and implement a Billy Brag proposal and give everyone over 16 years old; earns under £100k per year £2000; they will spend the money on bills; food etc. creating growth. Getting employers employing in the short term until the Robin Hood Tax takes effect.

Cost about £30 billion.

Remember The Chancellor has printed 75 billion to give to Banks to lend to business to try and create growth. They do not create growth; people spending money in businesses create growth; the bankers got us into this mess in the first place.

This is the answer because this financial situation will badly affect us and Charities more.


earning under £100k? or under £10k?

under 1ook


Great post George! Yes haven’t they done well…

Pat xx