i have been off work for 28 weeks my enployer has sent ssp1 form can i claim any benefit that is not means tested we have isa,s for our children are they classed as savings thank new here just getting around

Not sure if this is any use:

This states clearly that funds in a Junior ISA are legally the property of the child in whose name the Junior ISA is held - the parent or guardian has no claim on those funds. I’m no expert, but I would assume that this means that those funds do not count as your savings, because they do not belong to you. However, if the funds that you are talking about are actually in an adult ISA that belongs to you, that might be a different matter: technically such funds are your savings and are at your disposal, regardless of what you had privately ear-marked them for. I think you need to get some expert advice - CAB perhaps?

I am sorry that you are having such a worrying time.


When your SSP comes to an end your employer sends you SSP1 to apply for Employment Support Allowance.

ESA will be paid for 12 months (unless you get into the support group in which case it is indefinite) based on your NI contributions. In other words savings would not be a factor. At the end of 12 months you would transfer to income based ESA which would take account of savings and any other income.

I don’t know the answer to the ISA question but I rather suspect that if the ISA is in your name it will be classed as your saving – but I don’t know for sure. Basically you can apply for ESA and have 12 months to seek advice about the savings before they become a factor.

Do you claim DLA? A new application would be for PIP but this is not means tested.