Spread the word and help stop the clock on MS

Hello all,

We’re about to launch a fundraising appeal for a ground-breaking research project at the Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair.

To build some buzz online about it, we’ve started a #stoptheclock on MS photo wall. You can help us by sending us an image, similar to the one of Heidi here.

You should be holding a picture of your younger self at a relevant time – maybe it’s a time when you would have wanted to stop the clock (pre-MS), or maybe it’s when they were married, or got diagnosed - anything you want. The photos on the wall so far should inspire you!

You can send the image to and give me a shout if you have any questions.

We would really, really appreciate your help to make this project a success – the more of an online buzz we can make about the campaign, the more money we can raise for the Cambridge Centre.

Thank you!

Chloe (admin)