Sprained Ankel know Broken Leg

Hi all hope your enjoying the sunshine if it is shining where you are, anyway one week ago fell went to A&E X-rayed told back sprain sent home, yesterday one week later told they have found out I have a break in the Fibula bone so get back to hospital to have plaster cast, then sent home to cope with a cast that is from my groin to my toes. Mobility bad before this know almost impossible. Hay ho all the best broken Deborah

Hello Deborah,

You’re doing very well to put a brave face on things. I tend to rage against the world, or any poor soul within earshot, when I get as much as a cold. t to have go tiwce to hospital and come out with some gargantuan plaster cast sounds like a genuine nightmare. I hope you are being well looked after and recover very soon. It just seems so unfair.

Best wishes, Steve x ((((((()))))))))

Ooo nasty, I hope you have someone to help you while you heal.

Jan x

Flippin eck! I dunno…as you say, you were bad enough before, but this is horrendous to cope with.

Sending love and kisses,


Oh Deborah you poor girl, hope it mends soon, but are being well looked after in the interim.


Pam x

Hi Deborah,

you poor thing, sounds horrendous, hope you have someone to look after you,

thinking of you and sending a big hug.

Nina x

Blooming eck’ I really feel for you, i hope you heal quickly.

Pauline xx

Hi Deborah sorry for your predicament I am trying to find something funny to cheer you up just watching Hugh Grant about the Boy is that funny enough?


Hi Deb. That sounds horrible, I’m sorry to hear it. But try to hang in there. You’ll come through it stronger! All the best x

Ouch! Sore one sweetie!

It’s a horrible cast to have, had one when I was younger. Lots of pillows underneath and no coat hangers.

Sending you well wishes

Polly xxxq

Oh Deborah how awful. Hope it’s stable and heals very quickly.

Cath xx

Hi Deborah, you poor thing! As if you haven’t got enough to cope with.

Here’s hoping for a quick recovery.

Love and hugs,

Pat xx

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