Spoke too soon

I posted last night about how much better I was feeling. I really should have kept my mouth shut. Feeling exhausted this morning, can’t summon up the energy to have a shower. Is this normal? Once I get up and get going will it wear off? I don’t have the energy to find out today. My visions a bit rubbish today too, trouble focussing on things. Maybe I’ll just stay in bed…

Sounds like a plan to me!

I wish I could stay in bed…I feel this way everyday. Yesterday I could barely hold up my blow dryer. I have very short hair. What should have taken me 5 mins top took about 15. I kept having to stop and start. I haven’t bothered with makeup in days.

Good thing I am working on my own no one has to look at me!

My hubby has started me drinking fizzy vitamin tablets, in the hopes I can absorb them better than just pills in order to boost my energy.

Hope you start feeling a bit perkier!

Hi Know who you both feel,the fatigue you have is constant even resting makes me worn out. When I shower it takes all my energy, and I feel awful. What are you like with heat? I cannot bear it, I get very tired, and agitated. I have not been dx as yet, but my GP is sending me for a brain scan.

You must try and rest as much as possible, take care.


Thanks MeShell - I know what you mean about hair drying and when I got out of the shower the other day I had to lie down again for a bit. Might get hold of some berrocca or something. Could do with some red bull right now!!

Thanks Jan, I have no diagnosis either- first appointment with neuro is Friday so it could be some time yet before I have any answers. Right now I’d happily put up with more pins and needles if I could at least have the energy to function. Fortunately I’m off work so can rest plenty. Good luck with your scan!

The hair dryer, closing our sash windows oh and french braiding my hair. My arms just get this burning pain and I have to stop and rest before I can carry on - its like my limbs really heavy. Its a pain isn’t it!



Well, I just dragged myself out of bed - got dressed, cleaned my face with baby wipes (couldn’t be bothered to do anything else!) and now I’m back on the bed! Might venture down to the sofa soon. My visions really strange today, should I phone my gp or just leave it - bearing in mind my hospital appointment is this Friday?

To everyone, re hairdryers: this is my saviour: it’s very lightweight and just as good as a normal hairdryer (although you can’t turn the nozzle which is a bit of a pain).

(Not suggesting you buy it from here necessarily - it was just the first thing that came up when I looked for it!)

To hairbear: I think your GP will just tell you to wait till Friday, but if it gets worse or worries you, you should go to A&E or, ideally, an emergency eye clinic if you have one nearby (your GP can advise).

Rest loads!

Karen x