**Spoiler Alert**

There was a thread in here recently, regarding a subject about which i had expressed a concern, might contain too much information for some individuals, who were still going through the process of learning about Wisconsin’s profoundly inept justice system.

Two things have happened since my moment of whining:

  1. the thread was deleted
  2. my education of the aforementioned subject was completed.

I have created this thread to remedy any void created by point 1 and to give a venue for anyone wishing to air their opinion if they too have met the state of point two.

To start any potential exchange off, here are some half arsed thoughts:

  • that some coppers are corrupt is no surprise
  • that some lawyers suffer from profound conflicts of interest also, is of little shock
  • sadly some people are so intellectually impaired, prison might actually be their best ‘career choice’

So is that a yes for blue smarties then ?


was that ever up for debate!!?

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whatever next? no to black fruit pastilles?

Gotta chew…

Nope, a national campaign to reinstate Opal Fruits to their proper name…

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they’re not called Starburst are they, coz they’re a completely different animal.

i am still reeling from the Snickers debacle!

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What about Spangles?, disappeared, not even a new name

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I don’t even know of this thing called ‘spangle’. it sounds like a painful affliction due to a vitamin deficiency…

Do they still do Topic and Texan bars?

Topic yes, Texan occasionally,they do a limited edition. Spangles were a square fruit flavoured boiled sweet and very popular,then there were Pacers, a sort of mint opal fruit, no Ice Breaker (chocolate with mint shards) was my favourite ,loved the wrapper! and no Country .Style either

oh yes Pacers!

I had a neighbour who’s austin mini had the three green stripes painted down it

Don’t get me started on the subject of Wagon Wheels and Curly Wurly’s having got smaller!

You can’t blame this on the EU!

Jelly babies shrunk too. Must be the cold. :wink:

I know. They’ve also been marginalised by Haribo…

I kinda like the Haribo ones too, to the point of eating to many and feeling sick but still pushing right through for more. …

OOooh Spangles…Old English flavour were my favourite - there was a mustardy coloured one that was gorgeous

are you people aware of this location: ???

no spangles… this is not a resurrection site… but they do have some products whose apparent disappearance has been reported in this thread…

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Thanks Maude,

i have been trying for years to remember the name of the chocolate bar with mint shards in it. It was my favourite for a while along with old English spangles.

Mags xx

I bought hampers from them for my niece and nephews and a liquorish one for my sister. They do a chocolate eclair but it’s not the same as Rileys way too soft, the retro hampers went down well!

old english spangles hmm…

my teeth can’t take sweets these days though.

carole x

I really crave acid drop spangles now !