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Hi, does anyone have any hints or tips for dealing with mobility issue and fatigue? Thanks Sue

Nothing massively insightful: RE mobility, slow down and use the conscious part of your brain to balance. Be aware of the terrain.
As for fatigue, I treat it like a battery, let it recharge before it gets too low. So you have to listen to your body and try to stop before it turns into a problem plus don’t waste valuable energy being angry or on non important stuff. I wont be preachy because I still get stubborn and get it badly wrong even after 30 years of experience. :upside_down_face:

Thanks Mick, my OH keeps telling me to accept the situation and deal with specific issue rather than just feeling angry all the time - I think you (and he) may have a point!!!

Slowing down and thinking about my walking is good advice too! I will try that rather than trying to charge everywhere!!!

Thanks Sue

Your OH has got it right (not easy though). Years ago my MS nurse put me on an energy management course and they noticed how angry I got with bits of my body not working properly. Once I got my head around a new approach IE not getting angry but being aware of my limits and going with the flow, I had a lot more energy for the more important things.
Good luck

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Re mobility issues; I find exercise to be very helpful. I’ve had various advice and read various papers telling me that I need to do this. However… why am I sitting on the sofa drinking tea and staring at my mobile phone? Anyway…

Re fatigue; I’d recommend MODAFINIL. (My experience was that AMANTADINE did nothing for me. ) taking these pills means that I can do without an afternoon nap and go to bed later. The one thing I’d watch is to take them early in the day otherwise you might find yourself unable to sleep.

Thanks @JamesMcC - I am equally good at knowing what to do and not doing it - although after a day at work I am drinking wine not tea!!!

Are the meds something that you can buy over the counter or will I need to get them prescribed?