Spinal fluid.

Hi, If your spinal fluid is clear do you have a better chance of not getting ms? This is after transverse myelitis & 2 lesions on the brain caused by the attack following a virus.

Hi Anon, when they test the spinal fluid for MS they are looking for evidence of oligoclonal bands… this shows that antibodies produced by the immune system have crossed the brain-blood barrier and attacked the myelin surrounding nerves.

So a combination of ‘bands’ in spinal fluid, lesions on brain (or/and spine) together with a person’s symptoms can lead to a dx of MS.

From what I understand people who have transverse myelitis might go on to develop MS, which is no doubt why you have had a lumbar puncture.

I don’t think it’s possible to say what chance you have of developing MS. I’ve had a google for info but it is very complicated and frankly way above my head.

What does your neurologist say? Have they spoken to you about the chances of developing MS?

I think for now it seems you do not have MS and hopefully it will stay that way… but I think your question is really one for your neurologist.

In your situation I would think it’s best to just put it to the back of your mind and live your life. It may never happen… and if it does it is certainly not the end of the world. MS changes your life, but it is NOT the end of your life by any means.

Hope you have recovered from the TM and are feeling better… and hope this helps.

Pat x

Hi if you have had a TM attack and have bands in your CSF then I think there is an 80% chance of getting MS at a later date. If you have no bands in CSF then the odds of getting MS later are much less (say 20%). I might be slightly wrong in those figures give or take 10%.

Moyna x