i’ve had spasticity for 9 years.

it was ok when it just made me walk funny but now it hurts like mad!

time for a rousing chorus of “spasticus autisticus” and then raise a glass to ian dury RIP.

still hurts like hell.

What type of pain is it, Carole?

Do you have neuropathic pain or is it because the muscles are so tight?

I have both.



It’s the bain of my life Carole, it is so constant I am almost used to it. I have forgot what no pain feels like, hence the ‘green’. xx

It’s crap that spasticity. And albeit a good rousing song, it’s not a lot of fun to live with.

I suppose it’s a drug review that’s the answer. Actually I have an appointment with my rehab specialist tomorrow, and that’s one of the things I’ll be talking about, spasticity and drugs. He’s brilliant at drugs (ie about what works for whatever symptoms and how & when to take them.

But as you know, we’re all so different in our response to the various drugs, there’s almost nothing we can do except detail what works for us. And my drug routine kind of works, but I wake up everyday in pain, so it’s perhaps not working all that well.

Will report back as to what Dr Brilliant says about my current drug regime and whether there’s any better way to deal with spasticity in particular.


I’ve had botox in both legs and my hip. I still take the baclofen but it seems stretching is better and some movement .

Sonia x

thanks for replying it’s definitely the muscles that are too tight. i feel like a marionette whose strings are too short. thunderbirds are go, no used to be go. the green is the only thing that shuts the screaming up because it sends me to sleep. sonia - botox sounds good, i think i should look into it. carole x