Spasticity a problem!

Hi! I’m new to site. Diagnosed with probable MS 36 yr ago and have had falls each year and other symptoms that I now understand. (I quit seeing Neuro after 2 yr when he retired and I was mistakenly diagnosed with Lupus. There were no MRI’s then) Hit 6 yr ago with severe spasticity so back to Neuro. He believes I have MS, (or possibly transverse myelitis.) He has offered MRI, (expense precludes this currently) Using baclofen and tegretol. Spasticity affects everything!
Nice to be here! (Hope I’m not too old.) Thanks!

36 years? What a long time.

Welcome to the forum newbie1. No one is too old to be a member.

I suspect you’re not in the U.K. if money is a problem in getting an MRI test? Without an MRI generally MS is undiagnosable today.

I do agree with you, spasticity is a problem that affects all of life. Baclofen ought to help. Obviously we need a certain amount of stiffness in legs, without it we’d fall more often! But spasticity is horrible.


Thanks for the warm welcome. I’m newly 70, have been dealing with severe spasticity since age 63. Falls, using a walker, etc. (We have commercials showing my age group camping, dancing, etc. I used to do that and expected to still! :grinning:)
Yes, I’m in the States. My Neuro quoted price of MRI deductible after Medicare pays; it was steep. (Husband also dealing with illness. Neuro asked if I had drug insurance for DMDs and we don’t. All is not lost; we lean on one another. I’m blessed by that! My formal diagnosis is spasticity; my Neuro strongly suspect MS. He urges MRI.
I use a rolling walker, a rollator, handy for shopping and chores. Spasticity is a pain!! Baclofen sometimes making the ‘rubber bands too loose’. We’ve tried adding tizanidine. I take a small dose of clonazepam. It’s a balancing act.
We live in the country. No pavement but husband built a porch with small ramp. I would love to walk outside again, especially with my 2 small terriers. I’ve had PT and OT but no tips in that direction. Sometimes they need ‘potty breaks’ outdoors.
Every bit of independence helps! Thank you for listening.