Having quite intense muscle spasms in my right leg from time to time gp has refer me to practice nurse to have blood pressure

In leg monniterd over 24 hours to see what the circulation is like end body else had this test. G

Never had it Hillybilly but heard of others that have.

I assume it’s like the 24 hour heart monitor (which I have had). It’ll be a small machine which they strap onto your leg for 24 hours.

Let us know how it goes.

Pat xx

It will be Ok my sister in law has it regularly. Only thing is it keeps waking her in the night.

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Never had that test, hope it goes well for you.

Pam x

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Thanks folks

Sorry, I’ve never heard of that being done either. I’m very lucky to only suffer with muscle spasms rarely, where they last for a week or two and then I can go without for quite a few months. I know some of you suffer badly and I feel for you. I hope they clear up and vanish like mine, but please let us know how the tests go as I’m interested to see how blood pressure in your leg affects spasms. Take care and good luck.

Cath x