Spasm diary?

Good morning,

My Doctor has asked me to keep a daily record of my spasms, and whilst I am sure I could devise something, I would be most helpful if a member knew of a ‘template’ , or even some idea of where to start.

I am picturing a sort of weekly summary, on 1 sheet, capturing when the spasms strike, how long they last, what strategy I tried (medication / exercise etc. ) and if successful.

I guess it may help to see if there is a pattern.



Hi Mark

Can you use a spreadsheet? And if so, do you have access to one? If so, it would be fairly easy (even for me and I’m rubbish at spreadsheets!) to make one to capture the information. All you’d need to do is to head each column with the things you’ve already identified as being useful to note.

Otherwise, if you use a tablet rather than a computer, there are many basic diary ‘apps’ that you can get for free. In this case you’d have to physically write a summary for each day of what spasms you’d experienced. So not as useful.

Or maybe someone has some better ideas??


Thanks once more Sue!

Again, a very logical answer. I have a colleague who is good with excel and I will ask her to help me.

Kind Regards


Thanks for the thanks Mark. I hope you manage to get your diary sorted and that you can sort out the pharmaceuticals to stop the spasms.