Spasm Attack - partner cannot walk

I had been over a week now - my partner is unable to walk. This is the most pain he has ever been in and his spasm attack has never been this bad before. My partner was admitted in the hospital on Monday 23rd Oct, he had to wait until Friday for an MRI scan, until today were still waiting for the results from he’s scan. I would really like to know what more can be done to help him, especially with the constant pain? Please share your experience and knowledge.

hi it would be helpful to have more information. such as how long he has had ms, rrms or ppms. what meds he had been given so far. spasms can be painful but he just needs some muscle relaxants. his ms nurse can advise on these. you sound shattered, do look after yourself or you’ll end up being ill yourself. carole x


You’ve also said your partner was admitted to hospital, is he still an in patient? The doctors there should be able to advise. If he’s back at home, is that because there was any improvement?

As Carole said, it depends on what type of MS he has, what drugs he already takes, etc. The MS nurse or GP should be able to help.


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