South Wales

Is anyone from South Wales on here?

Hi, I’m from south wales. Still awaiting dx, have MRI booked for 10 Nov at Heath Hospital.


i’m from rhondda had ppms for 2yr


Hi, I`m from Swansea have Had symtoms for 3yrs now But was dx in Sep 11


Hi Still in limbo land but have repeat MRI 29th October…just outside Swansea!!! Hello to one and all :slight_smile:

Hi Katefrs, have you been to twocann Tue. Its a cafe that young people with Ms or New Dx people go to meet, on the 4th Tue of each month… I aint been yet But concidering going alone Just to see what its like


Hello I am from South Wales had symptoms 7/8 years diagnosed last year.

Hi everyone

was diagnosed last july with PPMS. Got appointment with neurologist tomorrow in the Heath, havent seen him since last dec.

Take care all.

karen xx