Been having tingly hands and walking like I’m drunk and unsteady for a while been for an MRI and doc sent me for another as he feared MS.
Since had that and a CT scan and they have recorded spinal lesions at c2 lesions in T6/7 and multiple intracranial and cord lesions suggestive of ms

I’m so angry my mom had MS and passed of pneumonia complications at 48 and now I have this feel it’s so unfair on my kids and family

I’m just angry atm and will pass but does anyone know how bad likely those lesions are likely to turn out to be ? I’m not scared for me I’m only upset for my kids as I’ve been there

Thank you all

Hi Anon. Sorry to hear your news. I would have thought it impossible to know how bad those lesions are likely to be but a neurologist might be able to give some indication. Sorry for the questions but have you been given information on what ‘type’ of MS you have and on next steps in particular what Disease Modifying Drug/ Treatment is recommended.

My aunt died of MS complications as well but wasn’t on any DMT. I was diagnosed 17 years ago but apart from walking with a limp and not being able to walk for more than 15 mins or so I’m doing pretty well. Some of the latest DMTs are pretty effective so don’t expect the worse.