Sort of numb waist down

Hi all,

I woke up Monday morning and from my waist down to my calves everything feels…weird. It’s not numb, I can still sort of feel things, it just feels like my skin is very thick and a lot of pressure is needed for me to feel something properly. It’s really hard to explain how it feels but its as close to being numb without actually being numb if that makes any sense! My feet are tingling constantly, more so when I am walking though.

I was just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this or similar and how you dealt with it?



Yep, once in both legs, now usually on my left side. Try and see your GP if poss xx

sounds like me…7 days a week…but i find standing still for a while makes me feel worse… i use a walking stick whilst at work just to make me more comfortble and to make sure i don’t hit the deck when my left knee takes a dip as i walk…