Sorry, Please accept My Apologies

Sorry and please accept my apologies for my comment in the Flu-jab post today, as I has no intention of causing offence. I feel like running away and sticking my head in the sand as I really hate upsetting people. That offensive phrase was actually used to me by my GP when I was questioning my sons bad reaction. I just accepted he meant the majority of the population. Please read it again and instead of “herd” put in “the majority of people”. I know terms can be upsetting as I always get upset when people refer to my son as a mongol. My husband keeps telling me that the people don’t mean it to be rude and have no intention of upsetting me. I have had to become thick skinned. I am truly sorry.

Luv Moyna x

Hi Moyna, I dont know what you said love, but Im sure no-one has taken offence. ill go back and read your post for myself.

Unfortunately there are still a lot people out there, who use offensive terms, which were once considered the norm, now that PC has taken over, it can cause serious problems sometimes.

I have been called a cripple on a couple of occasions and didnt like it. but in order to keep from getting irate too often, we have to forget these episodes…if we can.

much love, Pollx

Thankyou Pol, I feel much better already. You have a heart of gold.

Love Moyna x

Hi Moyna, don’t worry hon. These little misunderstandings happen so easily and are forgotten in an instant.

Pat x


When I first read your post, I felt a bit miffed as I had not heard the term before. I then read the rest of your post and realised what you meant.

I think the best thing is to forget it and move on. You’ve apologised and it was clearly a misunderstanding.

Best wishes

Anne x

Thankyou all I will forget and move on.

Moyna x