sorry nora

i went to the gym and then cooked roast beef, roast spuds, carrots, sprouts and my delicious gravy (boasting here).

i was feeling quite done in so made a cup of tea.

when i went to get the milk out of the fridge the whole shelf collapsed and although i had hold of one 4 pint container of milk another one hit the floor and cracked in half. so i had half a gallon on milk to mop up. and the cleaners came this morning!!

my language wasnt pretty “bast*rd f**king nora”

i really am glad that my neighbur isnt called nora!!

carole x

Oh Carole, you’ve just got me so confused…I thought I was suffering from déjà vu when I read this…but then I twigged you must also use a certain Facebook page like me! Your language was fairly restrained in the circumstances!! Emma x

Oh dear Carole

Could have been nasty if her name was Nora and if her hubby was listening to you!!!

Shazzie xx

I can totally sympathise with you I launched a whole bowl of soup across the staffroom floor last week showering the wall at the same time was so embarrassing! ! Still don’t know how I did it either one minute in my hand next weeeeeeeeeeee through the air A xx

Oops Carole

I’d say the language was warranted. I would probably have said a lot worse.

Last week my son managed to drop a bottle of pop from the top of the stairs to the bottom and, of course, it split. It showered us both and covered the walls and ceiling in sticky, sugary pop. I think he got his exercise for the week as he had to get the steps out and clean it all up! However, we are still finding the odd sticky bit that he missed :wink:

Tracey x