Sore muscles?

Does anyone else suffer from sore muscles?

All my upper body muscles are sore and I think the top of my legs are starting to go the same way. I’ve not experienced this before, even after weight training (that’s a different kind of soreness), but unsure if it’s an actual symptom or somehow caused by all the extra sleeping I’ve been doing since last week.


I’m sure it’s part of the illness. My muscles always feel sore/tired. Very early (years!) before diagnosis, I noticed my legs felt too tired to run/jog on the spot, before I’d got even slightly breathless. I found it odd that in someone still young - as I then was - my legs were feeling the strain well before any signs of aerobic distress.

Since diagnosis, and as time’s gone on, I now have tired and aching muscles almost everywhere, not just lower body. It does feel as if I’ve done a workout - which sometimes I have. Unfortunately, it’s still there even when I haven’t.


It’s so frustrating. Part of me thinks that not training has somehow brought this on, but that’s mostly because I hate admitting that I’m relapsing or that it’s progressing

I’ve worked much harder at my physical fitness since diagnosis, than before. Apart from occasional, short-lived phases, I never bothered much before.

Now I try to get some sort of exercise every day, even though it’s only walking, and handweights at home.

I often reflect, rather ruefully, that if I’d worked as hard when I was still well, I might be running marathons by now. But now I find I don’t really get fitter or stronger. I just hope to stop getting weaker so quickly.